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International Professional Engineers (IntPE) Certification by IEI

• Having Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or equivalent recognised by Statutory Authority or Government of India; • Minimum 7 years, professional experience;
• Minimum 2 years, professional experience in significant engineering activity;
• Membership of recognised professional engineering institution / association;
• Maintained Continued Professional Development (CPD) at a satisfactory level;
By virtue of being a full member of the International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) since 2009, The Institution of Engineers (India) represents India and has been empowered to establish and maintain the India section of the International Professional Engineers (IntPE) Register. The International Professional Engineers Agreement (IPEA) (previously known as the Engineers Mobility Forum (EMF), is a multi-national agreement between engineering organisations in the member jurisdictions which creates the framework for the establishment of an international standard of competence for professional engineering. The International Professional Engineers (India) registered with IEI, may receive credit when seeking registration or licensure in the jurisdiction of another member, i.e this will facilitate an engineer in mobility across member jurisdictions. IEI, has a robust and stringent procedure complying with the requirement of IPEA for registration as International Professional Engineers.
The list of other member jurisdiction of the IPEA agreement is available in the link:

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